• 06 AUG 18
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    Angelo Ballasiotes Pharm D

    We enjoyed an evening listening to Angelo give us pearls of wisdom in regard to the myths of marijuana. One such misunderstanding is that marijuana is not addictive and is all “all natural herb” that has no risks, and is only beneficial. Angelo was quick to site the facts related to the increase in cannabis use among children and adolescents as the social stigma has been removed and it is more available due to state legalization. One of the more potent combinations is combining marijuana and methamphetamine use for a deadly mixture that may lead to psychosis, suicide, and a possible hospital admission. Angelo also spoke of the under treatment and lack of identification of PTSD. Post traumatic stress disorder can lead to substance abuse, depression, anxiety and requires intense psychotherapy and medication management to prevent flashbacks, nightmares and avoidance behaviors. Many of which can prevent an individual from leading a productive, normal life. In closing Angelo spoke of the need for prescribers to carefully select their¬† SSRI or TCA due to potential side effects such as cardiac issues and serotonin syndrome. Thank you Angelo!

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