• 22 MAR 17
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    Janneke Emery R.T. and Leo Slack RDCS

    Ms. Janneke Emery R.T. is the CEO of Third Eye Imaging and she presented to our ARNP group her multitude of services available from her mobile radiology business. Their mission statement is to provide US services to providers in The Yakima Valley that are both economical and applicable. The US studies she offers can be done at the bedside at your clinic and include US of the: liver, gallbladder, GYN exams for IUD placement, OB fetal development exams, US guidance for biopsies and RFA ablations, and non-diagnostic OB 3D US. The contract with a radiologist who reads the US results with a turn-around time most often in the same day. In the future they are hoping to add cardiac echos, stress tests, and pediatric echocardiograms. Please contact them at j.emery@thirdeyeimaging.healthcare or 509.833.0494,

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