• South Sudan

    Recently one of our YVNPA members, Wayne Hansen ARNP, went to South Sudan for a medical misssion trip. He was inspired after attending the 2013 ACEP conference and speaking with the physician who frequents the Sudan mission hospital. Wayne and his wife Joyce, who is also a nurse, recently returned from a medical mission trip to Haiti. What Wayne sites as his most enjoyable aspect of medical missions is the fact that his patient’s are so very appreciative of the care they receive. His journey to Sudan commenced with a two day layover in Istanbul, then an eleven hour road trip through Northen Uganda, to his final destination of Yei, South Sudan. The Sudan itself has been recently ravaged by on-going violence, with a high infant mortality rate from HIV, sypillis and TB. The hospital where Wayne served was a forty bed facility for women and children named His House of Hope. The staff consisted of three physicians, local nurses, missionaries, midwives, clinical officers and technicians. The hours were long and the medical equipment was spartan, for instance oxygen was delivered with a degree of positive pressure using only a generator, a nasal cannula and a bowl of water. Fortunately some surgeries could be performed with the use of spinal anesthesia, IV Diazepam, and Ketamine. Some US was available and limited x rays and laboratory studies. Thanks to some creative wound care the nurses were able to save the limb mobility of a toddler who had second degree burns over 40% of his total body surface area. Hospitalized patients had their meals provided by their families, otherwise all of the cooking was done over an open flame on a charcoal broiler with a diet consisting mostly of rice and beans. These missionaries have dediated their lives to the work of providing health care to the women and children of South Sudan. They are driven by their intense faith and their ongoing sacrifice to live simple, but incredibly meaningfful lives caring for the people whom the world seems to have forgotten.

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